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Headquartered in Shenzhen, Huntkey has a number of subsidiaries, including Shenzhen Huntkey Electric Co., Ltd., Heyuan Yongjia Industrial Co., Ltd., Huntkey Appliances (Hefei) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Huntkey Management Software Co., Ltd. It offers a wide range of products, including power supplies, computers, household appliance, communication and consumer electronic devices, LED, management software and so on. With 110000 square meters of Huntkey (Shenzhen) industrial park, 380000 square meters of Huntkey (Heyuan) industrial park and 500000 square meters of Huntkey (Hefei) science park, Huntkey is the biggest production base of PC power supply, matching appliances in mainland china.

Top Huntkey (Shenzhen) Park

Huntkey (Shenzhen) Park

Shenzhen Huntkey Electric Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huntkey Electric Co., Ltd. (SHEC), founded in 1995, is a professional service provider dedicated at the R&D, design, manufacture and distribution of IT products and electric/electronic systems. SHEC is a member of the Power Supply Manufacturer Association(PSMA), the Vice Chairman of the China Power Supply Society(CPSS), National high and new technology enterprise, one of the first "Shenzhen Best Private Companies". Huntkey has been the top PC power supply manufacturer in China since 2000. At present, it ranks in the top 5 in the world power supply industry.

The company has nine laboratories, which were recognized by the China National Accreditation Committee (CNAS) in 2012 and designated as electric/electronic engineering technology center by Shenzhen city, including reliability lab, material lab, function lab, optical lab, simulation lab, safety Lab, EMC lab, acoustical lab and HALT lab.

Over the years, Huntkey has won credibility from numerous Chinese and international customers, including Lenovo, Haier, DELL, BESTBUY and so on. Huntkey was repeatedly rated "Best Supplier" by Lenovo, Haier, etc. and won the highest award of Lenovo global provider: "Diamond" Prize in 2011.

Top Huntkey (Heyuan) Park

Huntkey (Heyuan) Park

Huntkey (Hefei) Park

Huntkey (Hefei) Park

Heyuan Yongjia Industrial Co., Ltd.

Heyuan Yongjia Industrial Co., Ltd. locates in the northeast of Guangdong transportation center: Huntkey (Heyuan) industrial park, Longling industrial zone, Yuancheng district, Heyuan city. Based in R&D, design, manufacture and marketing of computer case and small household electrical appliances, the company’s products includes hardware, plastic cement, electronic assembly, transformer, wire rod, fan and small household electrical appliances. Owning a lot of national patents, the company gets many famous clients, such as Lenovo, Haier, Foxconn, etc.

Huntkey Appliances (Hefei) Co., Ltd.

Huntkey Appliances (Hefei) Co., Ltd. is located in Huntkey (Hefei) Park, which is in the national Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone. With a total land area of over 500 mu (approximately 33.33 hectares), it sits by Nanyan Lake.

Huntkey Appliances (Hefei) Co.,Ltd., whose clients are mainly appliance manufacturers such Haier and Gree, is engaged in household appliances and parts. The company’s core business is providing solutions of intelligent control module and structure module for the field of household appliances. So far, the company has built three module solutions joint development laboratories and three core components joint research rooms in the aspects of intelligent control module solutions, as well as two module solutions joint development laboratories and two core materials joint analysis rooms in the aspects of structure module solutions. Besides, the company has formed large-scale manufacturing capacity of SMT, electronic assembly, transformers, harness, hardware, plastic injection molding sectors, etc.

Shenzhen Huntkey Management Software Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huntkey Management Software Co., Ltd. is engaged in R&D of management software system. Taking Huntkey group as demand and testing platform, the company refined six elements from all enterprise resources from the angle of enterprise operation and management: customer, product, material, staff, capital and supplier, which form an inside information and decision-making chain. Creating the concept of Staff CEO (SCEO) Management, it breaks through the limits of traditional operation-type ERP and provides management-type ERP for all staff.

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