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Huntkey Presents at Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show


On October 11th to October 14th, 2018, world’s biggest consumer electronics procurement exhibition -- 2018 Autumn Global Sources Exhibition-- was held at Asia-world Expo in Hong Kong. With the rapid development of Chinese intelligent manufacturing, oversea markets are particularly interested in it. Many exhibitors brought electronics with technology and good appearance, and tens of millions visitors came to see these gadgets.

At this exhibition, Huntkey showcased wireless chargers, smart power strips, air purifiers, LED desk lamps, monitors and other products in booth D02, Hall #8.

Industrial power supply is an indispensable part of all kinds of industrial power equipment. Currently, Huntkey develops and produces industrial power sources ranging from 35W to 1500W, and they are widely used by ATM, LED advertising screens, communication equipment, monitoring, anti-theft and many other security equipment and industrial realm.

Huntkey is not only a power brand but also a provider of smart home solutions. This year, Huntkey brought its multi-functional LED desk lamp. The desk lamp is equipped with USB charging ports and a LED screen, integrating charging, alarm, calendar, temperature hints and other functions. More interestingly, this LED desk lamp does not have a button adjusting the light. Instead, users can slide on the base of the lamp to adjust the lighting scale. Such design with no button makes the overall style of the desk lamp more concise and good-looking. Also, LED technology has became a trend in lighting product, as it not only provides sufficient brightness, but also is more environmental-friendly and more energy-saving.

Huntkey also showcased its SmartC charging station which has 4 built-in USB charging ports and 1 type-c ports. The maximum output of 4 USB ports is 4A, and that of the type-c port is 3A. Type-c is also named USB-c, and it is widely used in the new generation of electronics.

Huntkey also present its 1800R curved gaming monitors. 144 frames are refreshed every second; 2k resolution makes the picture quality more delicate.

In addition to the smart home appliances, Huntkey also demonstrated the wireless charger, Cubic power strip, and surge protectors in various country-standard. These products with design and technology not only bring users more convenient lives, but also highlight constant innovation of Huntkey.

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