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R & D


Huntkey has a professional and international R&D system. Adhering to independent innovation, Huntkey cooperates with domestic and foreign research institutions. With 2,000 square meters of laboratory and industrial design platform, equipped with more than 500 sets of instruments and equipments, Huntkey has independent product life cycle management system and computer aided design system. Huntkey Shenzhen laboratory is Shenzhen Engineering Technology Center, and it has been approved by China National Assessment Committee (CNAS). Except for Shenzhen, R&D platform have also been established respectively in Heyuan and Hefei.

Research Fields

High-performance switching power supply application technology, Ultra low standby technology, heat dissipation technology, noise vibration technology, wireless charging technology, high reliability household appliance industrial control technology, single-chip microcomputer household appliance application technology, mold design technology, new material technology, software simulation technology, experimental testing technology, technology and automation technology, user experience research.


So far, Huntkey has applied for 176 patents, including 18 invention patents.

Standards Development

Dedicated in promoting industry standards, Huntkey led in or participated in the formulation and emendation of 7 national and industrial standards, including power industry standards like GBT14714, GB20943, etc.

Center Lab

Center lab, which was built by Huntkey in 2001, covers 2,000 square meters and focus on the areas of R & D, new materials, experimental technique application and product function testing. Center lab is an integrated laboratory in the field of IT power. After 12 years' development, the laboratory now has more than 500 sets of various test equipments. It is equipped with advanced product testing system and equipments. At present, there are nine specialized laboratories in the center lab: reliability lab, material lab, function lab, optical lab, simulation lab, security lab, EMC lab, acoustics lab, and HALT lab.

Safety and EMC lab maintain long-term close cooperation with UL, NEMKO, FCC, TUV Rhine, TUV SUD, ITS, SGS, CQC, VDE and many other well-known certification and testing organizations. The two labs have gotten recognition from TMP, WTDP, etc. Besides, they passed the accreditation of the China National Accreditation Committee (CNAS) in 2012.

Reliability Lab

1. Reliability Lab

Huntkey Inspecting and Testing Center Reliability Lab has vibration testing, shock testing, temperature and humidity testing, MTBF testing, salt mist testing, and so on, which can meet the requirements of GB, IEC and other related standards. The laboratory can provide test reports on durability, longevity, reliability, to ensure the credibility of the products' service life.

Equipments of reliability laboratory mainly include drop table, DMTBF aging room, salt spray test instrument, high and low temperature rapid change box, vibration table, shock machine, etc.

2. Material Lab

Material lab conducts experimental testing and validation of the reliability and electrical properties of raw materials and electronic components to ensure that the introduced ones can meet Huntkey’s quality requirements. It also undertakes failure analysis of the product life cycle.

The laboratory can carry out X-ray analysis, restriction of hazardous substances (ROHS), LCZ testing, endurance test of electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil Vt verification testing, PCB testing, semiconductor testing, swing test of wire, terminal plug testing, to fully assess the reliability of parts.

Main equipments include ROHS test equipment, X-ray analyzer, LCZ detector, transistor display equipment, ripple current test equipment, salt mist tester, frequency resistance analyzer, plug tester, swing tester, quadratic element, optics microscope, rubbing analyzer, etc.

Function Lab

3. Function Lab

Function tests can make assessment and test to the input and output characteristics, timing characteristics, protection features of products and operating voltage, current, temperature of key components. Currently, the laboratory has 3 sets of electrical property automatic test systems, 2 sets of loop stability analyzers and multiple sets of equipment benches.

Function lab fulfills inrush current test, input current test, efficiency test, standby power test, loop stability test, component stress, dynamic load test, cross-load test and voltage dips test.

Apparatus and equipments mainly include loop stability analyzer, dynamometer, infrared camera apparatus, environmental test chamber, oscilloscope, temperature acquisition instrument, CHROMA 6000 ATS, etc.

4. Optical Lab

Optical Lab

Optical Lab currently has integrating sphere and optical chamber, taking tests to the color parameters, luminosity parameters and electrical parameters of lighting products.

5. Software Simulation

Software simulation includes thermal simulation, mathematic simulation, circuit simulation, PCB design simulation, etc. Software simulation can simulate the characteristics of products with great authenticity, achieve optimal design of products' structure conveniently, fast and economically, shorten design time, reduce cost, and improve integrated capability of products.

6. Safety Lab

Safety lab carries out inspecting and testing at seven hazards in safety standard: electric shock, fire hazard, energy-related hazard, heat-related hazard, mechanical hazard, radiation and chemical hazard. Safety lab has obtained authorization of test from German TUV-SUD, American UL, Norway NEMKO and many other safety certification bodies, providing testing services on IT, AV, energy efficiency and other aspects and can provide testing services for clients in the aspects of IT class, AV class, energy efficiency, etc.

Main equipments include glow wire tester, vertical combustion apparatus, temperature acquisition system, humidistat, roaster, oscilloscope, hi-pot tester, grounding resistance tester, leakage current tester, etc.


Acoustics Lab

7. EMC Lab

Huntkey EMC Lab now has established an independent and comprehensive test system, which has a standard 3m semi-anechoic chamber, conduction shielded chamber, harmonic/scintillation lab, ESD lab, EFT lab, surge lab, etc.

Main equipments of the EMC lab include conduction harassment tester, radiation harassment tester, standard 3m semi-anechoic chamber, disturbance power tester, harmonic current & voltage flicker test, electrostatic discharge test, surge testing equipment, electrical fast transient burst test, etc.

8. Acoustics Lab

The acoustics laboratory, whose background noise can be less than 12.1dB, is a half-wave laboratory and has been calibrated by certain authority in China. Acoustics laboratory can carry out electro-acoustic index test for electronic fan and AV products, including sound pressure testing, sound power testing and wind tunnel testing.

Main equipments include noise shield room, noise test systems and wind tunnel test system.



Main apparatus and equipments of HALT/HASS/HASA lab include ATS, nitrogen tower, accelerated heat box, accelerometer, etc. All equipments were manufactured by U.S. companies. By intrudcing highly accelerated life testing at each stage of the product life cycle, product defects and weaknesses can be detected quickly, which could then be analyzed and improved from design, craftsmanship, material and other aspects, so as to improve reliability of products.


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